Pokemon Go App


imageThis week Pokemon Go came out on Android and Iphone and the servers have been so packed that they can barely stay online. Fans of the pokemon show and games now have a mobile interactive game that is taking geeks out of their homes and out into the sunlight. For the first time many people are going for walks around their neighborhoods and being generally more social with other geeks.

The game is quite simple when it comes to game play. You turn on the game and then when you see a pokemon you throw a pokeball at it to catch it. Some pokemon are harder to catch and may escape the first ball, but you can use berries to make them easier to catch. There are pokestops all over the country that allow people to replenish pokeballs and other items you need.

imageThe game is getting a lot of attention for the reason that so many people are teaming up to play the game and enjoy themselves with their friends. People are going out and playing together on their phones and spending all night out. This is really making people take notice, even if you want to make fun of the game for being pokemon. Today I went out to Downtown Disney to get some more pokeballs because I was out of them. The coolest thing was there were at least 35 people sitting around playing the game and someone had put out lures to pull more pokemon to 4 pokestops.

So far I have had a lot of fun playing, have met a lot of players and can’t wait until they add in trading and battling with friends.