Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Review (Spoiler Free)


I cannot possibly began to describe the fun I had watching Mike and Dave.  Don’t look for deep meaning or a movie that is going to win best picture at the Oscar’s, (although it damn well should be a contender!) what you are going to get here is a hilarious comedy with an excellent ensemble cast. You will laugh, you will cry tears of joy, you will feel sad a little, and you might even feel the need to break out in dance by the end of this movie.

adam-devine-zac-efron-mike-dave-wedding-datesSo by now you have probably seen the preview. Two brothers, Mike and Dave Stangle, played by Adam Devine and Zac Efron always seem to screw up their family’s events. So in order to keep them in line for their sister’s wedding, they are required to bring nice girls to keep them company and hopefully out of trouble. The problem there is that they don’t really know any other than the random chicks they hook up with. So they put an ad on craigslist that goes viral and eventually catches the eye of Alice (Anna Kendrick) and Tatiana(Aubrey Plaza). This is really where most of the hilarity ensues.



The title of the movie might be “Mike and Dave”, however Anna Kendrickaubreyplaza-annakendrick_mikeanddave and Aubrey Plaza hold their own in this movie like a champ. In fact a lot of the time, they actually steal the scene. The girls are simply not eye candy to the antics of the boys, but also have their own storyline as well as their own antics. Just when you think the boys are behaving perfectly one of their dates comes along and does something that seems a little surprising. One of the funniest moments of the movie for me that literally had me in tears came as a result of something the girls do. Just when I think that the movie couldn’t get anymore ridiculous something else happens and it keeps me laughing.

Probably my favorite part of this whole movie is how well Zac Efron is shaping up to be a box office draw in his own right. He is developing into quite the talented actor worthy of holding his own beyond anything I could have expected. His comedic timing continues to develop over time, and it probably won’t be long before he is able to become a major box office draw if this trend keeps up. I look forward to seeing what else he has in store.

Overall this movie is completely absurd. It has zany moments, a couple of possible gross out moments depending on your comfort level, and a few sweet moments. If you get the chance you should see this one in the theaters before it is too late. Then again if you laugh as hard I did you may not want to be next to anyone. I luckily sat on the end so I didn’t end up hitting anyone to my left. It was almost like I was getting completely riled up. At any rate it should be good fun for a group of friends to enjoy on a Friday night.