Stranger Things on Netflix


13700038_10154508528523968_1790740115504279033_nNetflix and Hulu have been breaking the internet with their ground breaking and well received new television shows. This show is a throwback for so many of us who love fantasy, sci fi, books, horror, dungeons and dragons, the 80’s and so much more.

Wionna Ryder is fantastic in the show and the children all are really great each really bringing talent to the story.

I haven’t heard a single person I know say they didn’t like it and I know I have been telling everyone all about it.

The story starts off and pulls you in immediately if you are a geek and love the chilling sci fi genre. Once our mystery girl shows up and one of our children go missing it just heats up from there. It pulls you in and makes you want to marathon the show in a weekend. Sadly the show is only 8 episodes long, but its worth snuggling up under the air conditioning and making a day of it.