Skelanimals at SDCC


Every year I go to San Diego Comic Con and I stop at the Skelanimals booth because I collect the adorable characters. This year I bought 9 shirts and a purse because they were on show special. I wanted to share some of the awesome stuff that I got.

th (14)This years show special was adorable. It was the horse with a rainbow unicorn. I was slightly sad it wasn’t comic related. They did have at their booth quite a few of the show specials from years past. My favorite is still the Hellboy. I love all the stuffed animals that they come out with.



I was so happy that the booth had some deals running and that I was able to pick up some really neat stuff. I picked up a purple and white purse that was a prototype. I also picked up multiple shirts that were 3 for $10. I got 6 shirts I really liked and got 3 for my mother.