Getting Ready for Labyrinth of Jareth


imageThis last week I have been preparing for a conference and getting ready for the Labyrinth of Jareth masquerade ball in Los Angeles. It’s a huge ball where people from all walks of the geek community get together and dress up and party all night. I am so excited to be going this year and to show off what I’m working on. This ball is a huge entertaining event and there is so much to do. The event lasts over two days and there are performances and food and drinks. You never know what you will see there.

My dress this year is inspired by Spyto the Dragon. I have wanted to make this dress for a very long time and I finally have a place for me to wear it too. I am so excited to get to be my favorite dragon. I see this dress getting an upgrade in the future and making this a new cosplay piece. image