Missed Gems: Looper


LooperThis action film is based on a time when we have time travel. I know it’s something a lot of us think of. The film is about loopers, which are people who kill for the mob. The mob sends a person back in time 30 years and the loopers kill and dispose of the body so the mob gets a clean kill and they get paid nicely to do so. Our main character Joe (Joseph Gordon­Levitt) finds out the mob has decided to close his loop so to speak and sends his future self to him to kill. The only problem

is Joe’s future self (played by Bruce Willis) is ready for this and comes back with a plan. He gets away from Joe and goes on a spree to take out the future leader of the mob. Both Joseph Gordon­Levitt and Bruce Willis put on fine performances. Emily Blunt is great and crazy in her role and the little boy is real good too. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this film but I did. I really enjoyed the storyline and the fact that even though you could guess what was coming next, most of the time you were surprised because it took a twist you weren’t expecting. The story writing was well done, the acting was done nicely and it all flowed like a good film should.

I will say the end bothered me just in the decisions of the characters. I don’t want to give away important things because it’s more fun to experience them then to be told them in advance. I get bothered a lot by characters in movies making choices that aren’t the smartest but I know it is the writers choices to make a story flow the way they feel it should. I would say take a chance on this one. It’s not bad at all. It’s action packed, story is pretty solid and the characters are interesting enough to keep you intrigued throughout the film. Date night,night out with the guys, or when it hits DVD a night in with friends.