The Grammy Museum


I have lived in California for quite a while and I had never been to the Grammy Musuem. I am an avid music lover and decided since I was going to be right next to it and had nothing to do so I was not going to miss my chance.

imageI got my student discount and went inside. Funny enough right on the ticket it says in giant letters NO Photography yet tons of folks were walking around with giant cameras in the building. I found that a little entertaining.

The first room had a video that showed off all different grammy winners and talked about their wins. Along with all the ways the Grammy itself had changed over time. It was neat to see them grow over time.The awards have gotten bigger over the years.

There were a few different exhibits that were there and change through out the season. While I was visiting there was an exhibit open for Otis Redding. Which made me smile because one of my favorite bands references him in their music and so I started listening to him when I was younger. The other exhibit was The Beatles.I really love the Beatles music. It always makes me smile.

They had an entire floor dedicated to the Latin Grammy Music Awards.They had a ton of instruments to play with and lots of outfits of award winners. It was super neat seeing all the beautiful outfits. They even had Michael Jackson’s Thriller Jacket signed by him.