You’re the Worst on Hulu And Depression Depiction


I’ve been just binge watching tv recently. I finished Married (which stars Judy Greer from Archer) and then i finished Bojack Horseman on Netflix, which i have a bunch to say on so i will be talking about it later.

I have fallen in love with this show. The first season was funny and they really uped the game for me with the second season. The show centers around a couple that is unconventional. They are scared of commitment and they skirt around the issues of love, relationships and life. There is a colorful cast of people who are all looking at life from different perspectives. A couple who just got married who already aren’t happy, a couple who’s married and one isn’t really commited and a war veteran. Everyone is looking for love adn their place in the world.

The second season though is what really pulled me in. The main character has depression and you watch as their lives fall apart because of it. This hit home for me because I live in that world. I wake up lots of mornings feeling nothing. The show depicts the darkest parts of the world of depression and how it negatively affects our relationships and how difficult it is for people who live within your life and want to make you feel better. The desire to push away the world but at the same time wanting someone to care, while feeling like no one cares.

If you life humor about not being happy in relationships, the little things we do to try to find happiness and the sadness that comes with finding your place in life, you might really enjoy this show.