Eevee at BuildaBear Workshop


Build-A-Bear_Workshop_Online_Exclusive_Set_Eevee.0I am a huge Eevee fan and I love buildabear so I know I am in a lot of trouble when I saw this. I want it all. I want the outfits for my cat, lol. This is such a neat partnership, the Pikachu one was just as cute.

The online package comes with Eevee prestuffed, 5-in-1 sound clip, pajamas, cloak and TCG card for $62 preorder. I want the cloak it is just too cute. I love everything about this marketing.

I am a huge eevee fan. If you don’t want the whole package you will be able to buy Eevee in stores soon. The cloak is exclusive to the preoder though, so if you are interested in the whole lot you should try to get it while it is still available. The pajamas will be available for purchase and will be $12.50. You can get it now on the website and very soon in stores.