Warcraft Legion Signing Event in Santa Ana


imageThe Burning Legion has broken through and the mass amount of players are now snack deep in gaming to reach the highest level in the World of Warcraft. The game expansion has now been released and we are all enjoying the game and everything it has to offer.

On Monday night a large number of the developers for the game all got together to autograph for the fans their collectors editions and posters. I decided to run down and enjoy the event with a friend of mine because he also wanted to go pick up the collectors edition for himself. If I didn’t have so many things going on this month I would have picked up a physical copy because i love the art books. I like I do, fell and injured myself while at the event. I got the attention of just about everyone outside falling off a curb. I am really good at that.

So we got in line to get our stuff signed. I bought a hat to keep the impossible heat off myself and so that I would have something for the developers to sign. I really like the hat and I am super pleased. They let us in a little bit early because the heat was melting everyone in line. When we got inside they gave us a wristband to let people know we had been in line and gave us a giant poster to get signed if we wanted to have them sign something other then what we had bought. I was happy because now I can wear the hat without worry that it would get ruined.

There were probably 100 developers in seating and you swiveled in and out to sign each and every persons items. I always enjoy talking to the developers about the game that they love and the game that I love. It makes me giddy to play fight about horde vs alliance. I love meeting people who designed characters and creatures that I get to interact with in game.image

The event also had SongHammer in attendance and you could get a picture with them, as well as cosplayers dressed up in amazingly beautiful pieces showing off their love for the game. They also had two of the Man At Arms weapons on display and outside you could check out the choppers that were designed for the game. It was definitely worth my time to make it out.I wonder how many more events like this we will see. How long will World of Warcraft continue to make our hearts glow?