Dragoncon 2016 My First Time


imageSo this weekend was DragonCon, PAX Prime, SLCC, Saboten, Fan Expo Canada, and Sac Anime, Boston Comic Con and Anime California. There was literally something going on everywhere. It meant that people got broken up from friend groups because everyone had to choose where to go to be able to see what they wanted to see. I was given the opportunity to be at a few of these cons and in the end I chose DragonCon. (I’m sorry my group at PAX and my husband at SLCC). I was very excited to be going to DragonCon for the first time and had heard from so many people about how it was the best con ever. I will say before I finish this post it was different by far then any convention I had ever been too and I already have acquired next years ticket.image

I got in Thursday morning, con starts on Friday, but it seems that it has started earlier and earlier each year. There were already lots of people at the hotel and partying on Wednesday This con is really like none other that I have been too. The major thing about this con is just that everyone hangs out together in the hotels. Imagine if all the guests of San Diego Comic Con just all stayed in and drank together in the hotels and rarely hit up the convention center.This is DragonCon. The vendor hall is down the street, the autograph hall is down below for people to get there autographs but most people spend their time hanging out together and drinking. There were so many awesome costumes made by all the creative attendees. I saw so many people in the funnest of ideas wandering the halls. There were entire groups of people with the most unique ideas.

The parade is a really neat idea and I really wish more cons implemented it. I really enjoyed how the streets were lined with people so excited to see all the costumes and how well it was put together and all the excitement from the parade and parade goers. It was definitely something I can’t wait to do again.

The con was a real treat and I am so happy that I made it out. I can’t wait to go next year.