Rad Coffee in Upland California


imageI saw a video of the neat drinks at this coffee shop and knew I had to go check it out. I hit it up on Saturday before heading out to Pasadena. I absolutely love kitschy stuff. I love themed restaurants and events. This was a neat idea. The walls are covered in posters for different punk rock bands. It was very cool to see all the bands on the walls and where they played and who they played with. I enjoyed how small and friendly the shop was. There was a huge line out the door to get drinks and the employees were super fast to get out the drinks. I didn’t even wait more then 1-2 minutes after I ordered my drink.image

The drinks were super delicious and totally worth the wait. I really enjoyed going and can’t wait to go again. The colored whipped cream tastes like the frosting on a cupcake just a little less rich. It’s super neat that they have so many different flavors for you to try. I will definitely be getting one of the specialty drinks the next time I go.

The shop is small but cozy and I hope that they are able to keep up with sales so that we may see it around for a while. The street that they are located on is a great little downtown with lots of fun shops to see and a theatre that does live plays. There is a lot of things to do for a date night. Why not make it an evening and get yourself a really rad drink. I took a picture of the fun drinks so you can see what kind of creations they are coming up with. image