Gotham Girls Makeup hits Walgreens


This last week we have all been seeing photos of all the DC girls based makeup showing up in Walgreens stores while all us ladies chase it down because we want to own it all. I know I have been checking every Walgreens for the makeup brushes.

So far what has been spotted is makeup, nail polish, makeup bags and brushes.

The makeup will run you $3-$7


Batgirl Lip Crayon Trio ($7)
Harley Quinn Highlight, Bronze & Brush Set ($7; one compact with three shades + brush)
Catwoman Eyeshadow Palette ($7)
Batgirl Bat-Signal Face & Body Illuminator ($3; cream product in tube)
Harley Quinn Mad Love Eyeshadow Shimmer ($3; loose powder)
Catwoman Highlighter Stick ($3)

The bags are Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Batgirl. My favorite bag is the harley quinn bag. They are $9.99 – $11.99

image image image

There are also nail polish sets and nail polishes. You can pick up the bottles for $6.99 and the mini sets for $12.99.


imageThe last part of the set is makeup brushes. They are my favorite part of the set and I’m beyond excited for the catwoman set. You can pick these up each for $9.99. The company putting out the bags and brushes is SOHO and I own a ton of their bags. I am super excited with finding these so I can use them in my makeup.