Gamestop Expo 2016


imageI got the chance to go to the Gamestop Expo for a second time. I went two years ago and really enjoyed myself. I was very excited to go again this year. I got up and got over about 10:30. I was sad because I didn’t know I could get in early and because I got there at 10:30 I got no press giftbag. Which totally bummed me a little bit, but what can you do.

The floor was set up with the store in the front middle and the rest of the games and companies all around the floor. The event is only one day long and during the week. It’s a smaller version of something like E3. I enjoy going to this show because I can talk to gaming companies and play games that regularly would be a line 800 people long at a bigger gaming imageconvention.

I got to get the autographs of the voice actors in the new Final Fantasy game and that was really neat. They were very sweet. I entered a lot of contests and even won one. I can’t wait to get that stuff in the mail. I didn’t really play any games because I spent most of my time talking to different vendors and gaming companies.

I even bought a bunch of stuff from the store because they had some really amazing deals going on. I got my friends some things and myself a couple of things. I was very excited to be able to grab such great deals.

Overall I had a ton of fun at the expo and can’t wait until next year to go again.