Long Beach Comic Con 2016


I love going to Long Beach Comic Con because so many of my friends make it out to this show since it is so close to home. This year the comic con was in the back of the convention. This is a good place for the food trucks and for photoshoots. It was a hot day but better then a wet day.

I walked around the convention floor, we saw Kevin Conroy and the cast from Firefly. We saw so many vendors that had toys I wanted to buy. There were so many neat vendors. I found a really cool one that sold mini godzillas. I love Godzilla so I was overly excited.

They had a whole section for cosplayers and you could see all the cool things they had made and buy prints from them. They even had a large table with a bunch of prop builders. I love seeing all the stuff they have come up with.

There was a section with all the VIP guests and you could pay for pictures and autographs. They had a lot of really fun people attending the show. Everyone from movies, tv, comics and cartoons. The lines for some of them were very long.