Fall TV return


I am a huge tv lover and whenever tv shows are on hiatus it always makes me a little stir crazy. I am so glad that tv is back. I can’t wait to get back into my series.

There is so much coming back this month. Gotham, How to Get Away With Murder, Brooklyn 99, and so many more.

I watch so much tv it’s silly .. but here’s some of what is coming back.

th-25Lucifer Season 2… and this time we get his mother. I love this show and I’m super happy with the casting. I definitely need to get caught up on the comic books.

How To Get Away with Murder Season 3 … I really enjoy this over the top show with more drama and craziness then a normal folks life. I love Viola Davis in the main

The Simpsons Season 28 .. Either you still love the Simpsons or you’ve stopped watching. I still enjoy the show and this season should be fun just by the opening title in the first episode this season giving homage to Adventure Time.

Family Guy Season 15… I watch this still and it’s still funny. The season opens with a bang. th-26

Gotham Season 3… the monsters have escaped and gotham is in turmoil. Ivy grows up this season.. Im still hooked..

Scream Queens season 2.. it’s back and this time they run a hospital. All the campiness of the first season is back and in full force.

American Horror Story season 6 is back and I haven’t yet had a chance to catch it.

New Girl is back and as adorable as ever.

I watch everything on Hulu.. and I can’t wait to get caught up on other new shows that just premiered.