Wasteland Weekend 2016


imageAs a little theater girl I grew up wanting to go to Burning Man. I was entranced by the world that was cultivated there. When I heard about Wasteland a few years ago, I wanted so badly to go. Though it was always during the busiest time of my year I could never make the time to go. This year my friend and I decided to go. Then he bailed on me for cooler kids and I made new plans to go with another friend, who in turn had to work and couldn’t go. So the couple of months leading up to Wasteland Weekend I was waffling back and forth over whether or not I would make it out because I was angry at my friend and didn’t want to go alone. I heard how friendly people were but didn’t really know if my social anxiety could handle it.

We got in at 9pm on Thursday because I had 20 hours of homework to finish on wednesday and I stayed up all night finishing homework while my friend sat next to me and distress outfits I had sewed and watched Stranger Things with me (literally one of the best folks I know). So the line was still pretty long when we got there at 9 and we finally got in at 2am. We both parked the car and then crashed out in the truck rather then trying to set up camp at that late of an hour.image

I woke up the next morning with a migraine and felt like super crap. I was stressed and anxious about being there with a couple of my friends. I wanted so badly to go home. I even called a friend and asked them if they’d be willing to pick me up. Instead my camp mate got me some ibuprofen and I napped in the car until 3pm and came out feeling better, still anxious but no longer in pain. I still wanted to go home. I was already over the weekend. When I got up the host of my camp asked if I wanted to walk around with him. I said yes. So I followed him out into the city. It was at the city that my weekend changed unexpectedly. I ran into old friends from almost 15 years before and it made everything different and better.

The rest of the weekend was incredible. I got to hang out with old friends, meet new friends and see all that wasteland had to offer. There is so much to do you can’t do everything in a weekend. Even now there was things that I wish I had the chance to do. I spent my time drinking with good people and drove around in post apocalyptic cars. I played all sorts of games at the Last Chance Casino. I bartered and shared and received so many neat things. I was lucky enough to be taken in by a tribe who made me feel like family and were the best of people. I can’t wait to see them again and shower them in all the goods of wasteland. Thank you Hand Shooz & Hors Grin-Ades for being the most welcoming of hosts and for making my first Wasteland so special.

I love the bottle caps and plan on making my own for next year. I truly can’t express the family you feel at wasteland. I am enamored with the community and I truly can’t wait for the next event so that I can bask in the glow of this fantastic group of folks. Never change.