Pitch a new tv series


pitchI have fallen in love with Pitch on Fox. I really love the idea of a women playing on a major league baseball team. I am a bit sad that as a kid this show wasn’t out there. Growing up I loved baseball, nowadays I maybe go to the batting cages once a year and knock the balls around. I just wanted so badly to be a pitcher. My dad was a pitcher and a great one. He played professionally and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I grew up throwing the ball and dreaming of playing baseball in high school. As a kid I knew I would never be able to play in the big leagues so I never took it further, I just loved playing and I wanted to play for real. This show has given so many little girls the idea that they are allowed to be part of the major sports teams. We right now have 2 girls in the minor leagues and that is a great opportunity and shows that we are moving in the right direction.

Pitch is a great show about a young girl who’s talent gets her into the major leagues. She is drafted as a pitcher for the San Diego Padres. The entire show centers around her joining the team and how it affects everyone on the team and the country. I really enjoy the way that they show she is a strong female role model and wants to succeed.

The girl playing Ginny Baker is fabulous and Mark Paul Gosslear plays the older grumpy catcher who takes a liking to her and tries to help her get along better and do better.