American Horror Story Hotel Now on Hulu


american-horror-story-hotelI have been waiting for a while for Hulu to get the 5th season of American Horror Story to become available on either Hulu or Netflix since I don’t have FX as a channel. They have finally released the season and so of course I am binge watching it.

I really enjoyed the first season because it was different and new. I liked the strange way of story telling and all the twists and turns that they threw at us. Even though I accepted it as shock story telling I still watched it. I really love horror that isn’t just torture stuff and this had potential so I kept watching. Seasons two and three didn’t catch me the way the first did and it was a lot harder for me to continue watching. Then Freak Show came out and I have an affinity for Sideshow acts and I wanted to complete watching it. I enjoyed it a bit more then I thought I would. I liked watching the sfx that they made for the show. I really loved all the character designs and the portrayals. american-horror-story-hotel-3

When Hotel came out everyone talked about it nonstop and how amazing it was. I never made an effort to watch it because I knew that it would at some point come to the streaming services and I could then watch it. Now I’ve been watching it since last night and I’m enjoying it a bit. I really enjoyed the episode with the serial killers. Though I have a slight obsession with serial killers because I think the psychology is so interesting and scary at the same time. This season isn’t terrible and if you enjoyed the other seasons it’s worth a watch.