Museum of Broken Relationships


imageI finally got a chance to go to the Museum of Broken Relationships because I was in the area for a pinup sample sale and thought why not cross this off my bucket list. This museum started in Croatia. The main focus of the museum is to share the love, hurt and pain of people who have ended relationships with loved ones. It isn’t all about love relationships. The museum has multiple spaces now and I visited the location in Los Angeles. I was excited for the chance since I have thought about it many times for the last few months and never made it that far into Los Angeles.

The museum is very modern looking. Tickets to walk through the museum are $18 for adults and $15 for students and seniors. The museum has two floors, the upper floor is very tiny and has maybe 16 pieces to look at. The museum is set up so that each item has its own space. The show space is really beautiful. It’s very simple. Each piece is showcased with a little note next to it that lets you know the story behind it. I had tears in my eyes after the first couple of pieces because they hurt your heart. The heart break in each note is so terribly heart wrenching.image

The stories range from relationships that lasted less then a year, to many that lasted half a lifetime, to family relationships and friendships. It reminds us of how insignificant our battles can be and also that we share stories with other humans. I could connect with so many feelings inside the letters. The desire to be wanted, loved, remembered. We all seek some sort of human connection and thats what all these stories are about. People wanting to be remembered, loved, wanted, not lost. There were stories about suicide, ptsd, breakups, and family splits. There were items that meant something at one point that the person couldn’t look at anymore.

imageI felt deep sadness while in the museum and quite a lot of joy. Looking at someone’s love for someone hurts in a beautiful way. Once you walk away from something there’s so much left behind.  I will definitely be going again. It’s such a beautiful place.

If you want to check it out. You can go to the website here:

It’s really close to Hollywood and Highland. So you can make a day of it and see Ripleys and the Wax Museum.