New Harley Quinn Bedding at Hot Topic Now


harley-pillowSo some of you may know that most of my room is Harley Quinn from DC and I know that a lot of girls really love her. When Hot Topic came out with a comforter last year I was more then excited because I could finally make my bed Harley Quinn’d out. This year they came out with an even cooler design and all the Harley lovers are going to love it. I can’t wait until mine arrives.

The set includes a pair of pillow cases showing one side Harley Quinn with her three diamonds and the other side of the pillow case has her silhouette. They are 100% polyester and 20′ by 30′. They fit the standard pillow.The pillowcases will run you $16 unless you catch them on a better sale. Hot Topic has lots of great sales so you can catch them cheaper.

Now the best part of this collection is the comforter. I still await sheets but I will accept great 10748906_hibedding and just keep using Batman sheets. This new comforter has a silhouette of Harley on one side and then various weapons and 3 diamonds on the other side. The best part about this is that it is actually 3 diamonds. This makes me more happy then I can say. This comforter will set you back $75. It comes in a full/queen size. The only down side is it only comes in one size. It is also 100% polyester. I throw mine in the washer all the time and it still looks great.

Here is a link to the comforter.

If you look you can find sales at Hot Topic. Yesterday while I was there it was buy 2 items get a third free. So if you do it right you can pick these up for a song.