Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios


imageEvery year the theme parks put on a halloween event for their patrons to scare them for the holiday season. I love going to scary events it makes my dead little heart so very happy. This year I was invited to Halloween Horror Nights because a friend group was going. I hadn’t been since I was very young with my Dad. I absolutely couldn’t wait. I donned my favorite horror shirt and spent the morning hanging out at spooky stores in Los Angeles before heading on over.

We went for VIP parking. The parking was only $12 more and you get to park significantly closer. We got to the event about 7pm. I was meeting up with a group of friends. We were all going together because my friend had gotten us front of the line passes. (If you go you should pick up the VIP it is more then extremely worth it).

There were 7 mazes in total. 4 on the lower lot and 3 on the main lot and the Tour ride had a imagemaze as well. All the mazes were based off of a movie. I really like that about Universal, they have such a huge base of movies that they can pull from.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Blood Brothers – I enjoyed this maze a lot because of the way it was set up almost like a sequel. We saw our chainsaw wielding horror man and he jumps right out at you. It was the first maze we went on and I heard lots of screams.

Halloween Hell Comes to Haddonfield – I really liked this one. There was so many different scenes from the films and I liked that if you have seen all the Halloweens then you got a little bit of an easter egg in that. It was definitely in my top favorite mazes.

The Exorcist – This maze made me think so much of the movie and new tv show. You got to see Linda Blairs character in the maze a lot and she was just as creepy as in the film.

imageAmerican Horror Story- I really enjoyed this maze cause I liked seeing all the characters. The only thing that made me sad was that the freak show section only had Twisty. I would like to have seen more of the characters from the show. Maybe even NPH as his character.

Freddy Vs Jason- I really liked this one. This was the only maze that made me jump. There were so many freddys in this maze that you couldn’t turn around without almost running into one. It followed the film and that was pretty cool.

Krampus – This was my favorite maze. These were lots of great things about all the mazes but I loved the Krampus film so it for me was the best maze. It followed through the film and it felt like you were walking through the film. The maze was cold like we were in the snow. It was so imagebeautiful and creepy.

The Terror Tram was creepy for me because it had a complete back story for a crazy killer clown who had shown up. So the whole maze had tons of clowns in it. I hate clowns so it made my blood rush so quickly. After walking through the bates motel section of the lower lot you then could take a photo at the Psycho house. It was so neat and they had a Norman to take photos with. Then you left the lot to go back to the rest of the mazes.

The scare zones were all Purge Election Year and the scare actors were truly fantastic. All but one on stilts that refused to move out of my way cause he thought he was being funny and almost made me drop my ice cream. The rest were so much fun to watch. We actually stayed on the corner and watched as they ran around and scared people.

The Jabberwocky show was really neat. I had never seen them perform so that was pretty cool. Watching them dance in sync was so beautiful. I am glad I got a chance to see the show.

We did not go in the Walking Dead attraction or on Jurassic Park in the dark. We did go on Transformers and on the Simpson’s Ride. Harry Potter world and most other rides in the park were closed. Though really we had enough time to do everything we wanted and enjoyed ourselves immensely.