Scream the Tv Series Season 2 on Netflix


scream-audrey-season-2-poster-scream-the-tv-series-39550309-631-960I fell in love with the Scream Tv Series and was so excited when Netflix added the second season. I am so enjoying it. It reminds me of the original Scream movies. I grew up on the Scream movies so I was overly excited to see that they had made a tv series.

They left us last season with the killer being dead and like in the films a group of people living so that the next season we could follow along with the new set of deaths and the who’s the killer game starts all over again.

The show has a ton of twists and turns and you never really know which way its going to go. All the characters have some sort of dark side and though they keep trying to push us into the arms of one character as the killer, it feels forced and you know that they are trying to misdirect you.

A whole town who knows whats happened and everyone is on edge worrying that its all happening again.

If you liked the films or the first season you should start watching this season now and get in the halloween spirit.