Knott’s Scary Farm


Lauren Sanatra as one of the scare actors on the Boardwalk at Knotts Scary Farm

This weekend I hit Knott’s Scary Farm with my roommate and some of my friends. It had been 14 years since the last time I was there. I had a really bad personal experience and didn’t want to go back. My roommate bought me a ticket to go with him so I decided to go and let go of the bad.  I had been told it was a bad year to go so I wasn’t that excited to go after the really great time I had at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.

We left our home at 8pm, my roommate didn’t want to be stuff in the long line, I guess that a lot of people felt that way because we sat in line for parking for over an hour and a half. We had prepaid parking and it was difficult to sit so long when we knew the park was open and waiting for us. This was one of my biggest complaints of the night.

Once we got into the park it took us a little bit to find our friends who were in line for the Shadowlands maze. We joined them in line and were in line for under an hour and a half. We got into the part about 10 and got out of our first maze at 1130. By this point I was pretty annoyed. We spent $50 a person to be there and had only made it through 1 maze by almost midnight. I even messaged a friend and said how pathetic the event was compared to Halloween Horror Nights, which we finished all the mazes and the show. So we got in line for the Dead of Night Wendigo’s Revenge. They told us an hour and a half. I settled into the thought that i would only see two mazes that night. The maze line went by rather fast. So at midnight we had finished two mazes. When we got out we decided to go to the other side of the park where there were 4 mazes all together. We walked over and walked right into the Tooth Fairy maze. Then we went through the Voodoo maze and then got in line for the paranormal maze. That maze was the last maze we did and we left the maze about 2:15am.

The best part of the mazes were the design of the mazes. That was what made them great. They really put effort into the feeling of the maze. Some had furry walls, things to walk through, low ceilings, lighting. That is how they compete with Halloween Horror Nights. The mazes aren’t branded characters but still had all the enjoyment of the branded mazes. I really liked the effort put into the design of the mazes. I am really hoping to make it out one last time before Halloween so I can see the last of the mazes I missed.

So over all we got to do 5 mazes out of the 9. We missed both shows and went on no rides. I ended up having a really nice night and enjoyed the time with my friends.