Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Convention


imageI went to Comikaze this past weekend. I had a really great time hanging out with cosplayers and friends. I do not enjoy going to the Los Angeles convention center because so many of the parking lots overcharge for parking and its always a struggle to find parking and to get inside. Though I always make the trip so I can spend time with my friends.

This year I spent some time talking with the creators of Beyond for a little bit of info on this new Sci Fi Show. I am very intrigued and look forward to seeing the show. I also sat in a panel of voice actors for DC Universe. I will admit I was very sad to find out they had printed the program wrong and Arleen Sorkin was not in attendance of the panel which was the primary reason I walked in. It was still a good panel and I love hearing Kevin Conroy speak. Everything he says is inspirational.image

One of my friends won third place in the costume contest and I was overjoyed, I got to walk around with some of the most talented folks I know and saw lots of really awesome vendors that I wanted to buy everything from.There were some really neat vendors. I saw a lady that made tiny geeky cross stitch patterns. I wanted to get them as gifts. I am probably going to grab them for gifts this Christmas.image

After hanging out all day at the convention center we went over to the Cosplay Ball and spent the evening drinking and having a blast. We listened to the Flux Capacitors play, watched girls dance and listened to some DJ’s mix some music.

Overall despite the parking issues I had a really great time and spent it with all the people I love and adore. .