Progress on my Odile Widowmaker


odileWhen Overwatch was announced I was excited. I am a huge Blizzard fangirl, so I couldn’t wait for the newest game to come out. When Widowmakers origin story trailer came out I fell in love. She captured my heart in a way none of the other characters could. I love snipers and everything about her just screamed out to me. Her voice, the story, her words. I couldn’t wait to play her. When they released her skins the Odile skin was an instant choice. I wanted to be her. I still will someday do her original skin and probably all of her skins. But I had to do this skin first.

image image

I called my best friend and told him I needed Widowmakers gun. I also later after I got super stressed out had him craft the bracer and head pieces. He finished them for me and I painted them. It was a lot of fun painting the beautiful foam pieces he made for me. They turned out so very beautiful. After I wear this outfit enough times I will be hanging it up in my house.. At least the mask and the gun.

imageThen I started work on the corset. I wish I could say that after this picture it all turned out great, but this was a first try and I wore it out once before scraping it to start over. I will soon be finishing those and then hopefully soon have an updated post with a complete outfit that looks like I want it to look. image

I finished the skirt and started working on the leg bracer pieces. I used a fake leather that didn’t work exactly the way that I wanted them to so I will be doing those over as well. But I learned a lot and can’t wait to get to making things over so that I can debut this in a photoshoot that will take my breath away.