The Neon Demon on Amazon Prime


imageA surreal film about the horrors of the modeling world, the way fame can cause women to attack each other.

I had heard so much about this trippy film that I just had to finally que it up and watch. It stars Elle Fanning a very beautiful young model who has come to LA to find fame and she falls in with some models who seem intent on being the prettiest girls in the room and are jealous of her beauty.

The film has beautiful scenes that make you want to watch the screen, the photoshoot sequences are tantalizing and at the same time disturbing. The relationships between the girls remind us all of friends we have had at some time in our lives who have made us feel like we had no value.

Overall the film is awkward and beautiful. The story leaves something to be desired and doesn’t truly explain itself. Though the artistic nature of the film brings the art house feel and if that’s your jam you should give it a shot.