Blizzcon 2016


imageBlizzcon every year for me is a beautiful fun experience that I tend to get lost in for a couple of days and emerge smiling and exhausted with a renewed love for my favorite game company. This year was truly a high point of my convention year. I went to Blizzcon this year planning to spend it with all my friends and in the end spent it more alone then I was expecting and normally my anxiety and general social awkwardness would have left me paralyzed and unable to handle the convention. Instead I took the time to do things I had never done at other Blizzcons, like get developers to sign posters for my house since I have no Blizzard art up. I am pretty devastated that in my hustle and bustle I forgot to get the Starcraft poster so now my wall won’t be complete. I will survive I am sure.

imageThis year I spent time at every area except Starcraft not because I don’t love my little zerglings but because I ran out of time. I played through Diablo 3 and loved the necromancer. I am glad for the addition and will be playing at home for certain. Then I played through Keystone dungeons in WoW since I had not yet leveled my character at home and had yet to see it. I played with a family from England and the young son was our healer and was adorable.

I talked to all the different vendors and checked out all the new stuff they are coming out with. I fell in love with Rosehill’s Widowmaker case that I feel will be a new design for me to make be my gaming computer. I loved all the colors in the systems it was so beautiful.

imagei made it out to almost all of the parties and got to see so many friends and enjoy myself. Each party had its unique feel and I got something different out of each one. I won a gold pin at the Wowhead party, tried and didn’t win any art at the Con before the storm party. I drank and ate so much at the Forge Party and made so many friends.

Myexperience at Blizzcon this year will not be one that I forget soon.