Allied a Review


I really wanted to see this film because I love spy thrillers. I also really adore Marion Cotillard in just about everything she does. So I was looking forward to this and Brad Pitt is a pretty man and enjoyable to watch on screen.

The film is about two spys. I thought it was going to have a Mr and Mrs Smith feel to it. Instead I was pleasently surprised that it didn’t. It was much darker and quite the film to really pull you in. The film brings you in with the murder and intrigue but slowly pulls you into a love story. The movie for the most part is slow but interesting to watch. If you are looking for action packed it is not, but story driven and well written you have come to the right place. I truly enjoyed watching the film and getting to see how the story unfolded.

It had a lot of twists and turns and you kept expecting things to be one way and they weren’t I really liked that about the film. Normally I can tell you how a film ends this was one film that I did not pinpoint at all. It was surprising.

If you like war dramas, spy thrillers or either character there is a good chance you might really enjoy this film .