Carrie Fisher You Will Be Missed


You will be missed. You changed a lot of people. You changed the world for a lot of people. I watched my friends grow up to change the world because of you. I watch little girls everywhere grow up in a world where they understand they can be so much more. There is so much that we must thank you for when it comes to women’s rights and the silly thing is it started with a movie. Yet you were unapologetically yourself which taught us so much more. I know that my life was forever changed seeing a princess be a badass.

As a kid I didn’t watch the films I hated space, but I watched my friends want to be her. I watched my friends talk about her. It took my years to have any interest in space. It took years to get me to sit down and watch the films. I missed the opportunity to grow there. Though I got to see you and who you were and that helped me in lots of ways. I struggled with my own demons and days that I wanted to stop fighting and I never felt alone. I read your books, listened to you talk at conventions and I understood. I am sad I never took the time to meet you at a convention. I should have.

I know that your passing was heard around the world and my community was most affected by it because we grew up feeling like we knew you and that you were so loved by so many. It will never. People have scheduled lightsaber vigils all over the place, a star was made in your honor. People everywhere were deeply affected by your life and your passing was no different.

Thank you Princess for your words, your actions and your unwavering dedication to being yourself. I strive to live everyday the same way. May the force be with you.