School Of Rock New Broadway Musical


I saw School Of Rock on Broadway in New York recently. I went to see American Pyscho but it had closed on Broadway two weeks before. We opted for School of Rock because there was nothing else that caught my eye that wasn’t already on its way to LA or had already been to LA. I was so excited to take my bff to see his first Broadway Musical. It really made it special. We had the movie amazing weekend in NYC. I am so very glad we went.

We saw the show with the understudy. He was fabulous and his heart could be heard through his singing. I had seen the movie and I wasn’t certain I would love the show, but I did. The kids were so absolutely wonderful and I very much loved to see all the passion on the stage. I loved watching the kids sing and dance on stage. Even after the show it was so amazingly heartwarming to see the children come out to the stagedoor to adoring fans their age who were just as excited about getting autographs from the kids. It was incredibly wonderful.

I loved the show. It was so fun to watch and the music was great. It was one of those shows that songs got stuck in your head. The main character was so much like Jack Black that it was like watching a live version of the movie just more musical. I can’t wait to see it again.