PAX South


PAX South is an experience. Last year I went thinking it would be much like PAX East/West and ended up slightly disappointed because it was not major companies but mostly kickstarters and indie game companies. I had a great time, but I wasn’t really sure I wanted to go back. Then some of my friends asked very nicely if I would show and that’s what pushed me to make the trek back out. I was really glad I decided to make it out because this year ended up being a beautiful and fun year for me. The show ended up being a entertaining and fantastic show for me.

I got into Texas around 1pm on Friday and got myself over to the convention center. I dropped off my stuff at the hotel and then bounced over to check out the show. I met up with my friend to get my ticket and we walked into the show. The first thing I noticed was they rearranged the show floor. They moved the PAX merchandise booth to the inside next to the vendors rather then by itself in the middle before all the vendors. The way that they rearranged things made the floor look significantly smaller. i never made it over to the booth this year and I am sad I wanted some of the cat pins. 

This year I noticed less Kickstarter companies who only had prototypes available and more companies who had already been through successful Kickstarters. I was both happy and sad because I love seeing all the new ideas but it drives me a little crazy when I fall in love with a product and I can’t bring it home with me.

I was really excited to see Nintendo at the show this year because it helps in the long run make the show bigger. The diner they set up for play was super cute and I wanted to sit and get waited on by Bowser. Now I dream of a Nintendo cafe where the characters are the waiters. They had the switch available for play and an area where they were doing contests and had people talking about the new stuff coming out.

Dreadnought and Twitch both had smaller booths this year, but they both hosted private parties for the elite at the show. I snagged a VIP ticket to the Twitch Party but I skipped out on Dreadnought when our whole party couldn’t get tickets. Both booths were pretty packed the entire time. I am still very excited for the day that Dreadnought gets released. I can’t wait to show friends the game who don’t go to conventions. I didn’t get a chance to play many games this year but I noticed a lot from last year. I am looking at who was all at the show so I can find out more about things I missed. 

The upstairs area of the show is always a blast. I stopped by the Diversity lounge and said Hi to friends. I went in the free arcade and played some games. I know people like hanging out on the bean bags but I can’t just get myself to do that. So I skipped that. 

Over all this year the show was really great, I met awesome people, hung out with people who I enjoyed and got a lot fo free drinks from gaming companies and streamers. I will definitely call this year a success.