Creme and Sugar Cafe


I love rainbow things. I love kitsch things. I enjoy the hipster thing. Whenever a company shows up with some special thing I always want to go search them out and try them. I went to Rad Coffee when it opened because I had to try it out. I love when stores have a theme. I just can’t wait to get inside and check it out.

I loved the set up of the cafe, its quaint and nice. The art on the walls was designed by the owners daughter. I like the way its set up like a coffee shop so that you can enjoy with your friends. When I got there it was overly packed. It took us a little while to get lucky and find a table.

The cake and hot chocolate is rainbow colored with lots of sprinkles of all types. The sprinkles come in different styles so there is a lot of different textures .I think that was my favorite part that detail in the food. I did not enjoy the hot cocoa because it didn’t taste like cocoa more like torani syrup. A lot of people like that so I can’t say it was bad. I just didn’t like it at all. The cake was ok. There was too much grain in the texture so I wasn’t that impressed but the presentation was really beautiful and in hipster places like this, that’s what is most important to most.

A slice of cake and a hot cocoa will run you about $16. If you like rainbow and want to check it out you should. It is definitely an experience.