Resident Evil The Final Chapter a Review


I fell in love with Resident Evil during the first video game. When the first film came out with Milla laying on the floor I was enamoured. Seeing her in her red dress as Alice made me fall in love with the movie series. I still want to cosplay Alice someday. I think she is so badass and beautiful. This last film closed the book on the Resident Evil movies and came out as Resident Evil 7 the video game. I have always loved the movies because they were fun and entertaininrg with lots of action and cheesiness. Definitely my favorite video game franchise. Always a fun time at the movies.

This chapter brings us back to the Hive where it all began. The beginning of the film reminded me of the newest Underworld film. The voice over explaining the past was definitely very alike. The story is fun and keeps you interested and they brought back old characters as brought on new characters. I was excited to see Ali Larter in the story again. I was even happy to see them bring on Ruby Rose. The story this time was twisty and there were things you just didn’t expect to happen. I was so pleased to see it and quite happy the series ended in such a great way.