Ramblings of a Part Time Druid


The Valentines event is in full swing. Still no mount though I run it 10 times a day. Someday maybe. I am going to start on bracelets so I can get both toys I’m missing. It has been an interesting week trying to win me the mount for sure. I know another year goes by without my mount. That’s ok though. I will survive.

I got myself the timereaver mount from the timewalking events. Which got me super excited because I rarely get any of the rare drop mounts. So that was very cool.

I have been doing a lot of world quests this week to try and up my ilvl. I am finally at 870. I couldn’t wait to keep raising my bar on my ilvl. I miss raiding somedays but for now I surely don’t miss running raids and all the difficulties that came with it.