OrcCon 2017


OrcCon is a board game convention. I love going to board game conventions because I enjoy playing board games with friends. I love finding out about new games and making new game friends who also like to play.

There was a video game room, a collectibles room, rooms for werewolf and an entire floor for people to play the board games they wanted to play. I really enjoyed getting to meet lots of new people that enjoy board games and gaming. It’s so hard to find people that actually want to play. I got to play 2 different games while we were there. It made me the happiest little kitten.

The vendor room was rather tiny but there were some newer kickstarted games, dungeons and dragon pieces and vendors selling lots of jewelry and different board games. For being a 4 day convention it was really a cool show full of lots of fun people. I can’t wait to go back next year and play more games.