Ramblings of a Part Time Druid


I’ve not had the most time to play WOW lately because of starting another freelance job and life in general. I have been sick for a while now, so just trying to get healthy.

I have when I log on started working harder on getting my reputations completed to exalted for the patch coming soon. Sadly I haven’t had time to do old raid so no new mounts for me. I really want the Onyxian Drake. One day, maybe one day.

I have been doing more dailies lately when I actually get the chance to log in. So I have been making some good gold and at my item level things are finally dying pretty quickly. I remember first doing dailies and not being able to quickly do them. I am glad to be able to barrel through stuff as a clothie. I have been working towards getting my first Falcosaur mount. I think it is the cutest mount. I love the pets.

Well I haven’t much more to say on WOW but there is new Overwatch characters and new Heroes characters. So that’s big on the Blizzard front. I have yet to play either set but the video for Probius is just about the cutest thing I have seen in a while.