Logan a Review


I went and saw Logan this weekend. I love the Xmen franchise both films and comics. I adore Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. I was excited to see Old Man Logan and the introduction of X-23 since she’s a great character.

I admit I was a bit disappointed the film was rated R because it felt like they were using it to boost sales because of Deadpool and not because of trying to stay true to the violence of the comics. Now I am not saying I hated the film, I actually really liked it. I just didn’t fall in love with it. Which I know is not the popular belief.

I have loved all of Hugh Jackman’s versions of Wolverine in every iteration. I think over the last 16 years he has really figured out who the character is. That is what makes his Wolverine so great that it feels so natural like he is making choices as Wolverine and not as Hugh.

If you like Wolverine, the Xmen movies, violence and geek stuff you will probably really enjoy the film.