Man Seeking Woman on Hulu


So I started watching this show because I was running out of things to watch on Hulu and my Netflix hates me and won’t play on my tv and I have been lazy and not yet fixed it. I liked Jay in This is the End so I thought why not give it a try.

The show is funny and interesting and completely off the wall. I have laughed hard a bunch and found some of the scenes to be really great. There are aliens and monsters and lots of fantasy. It is enjoyable and keeps me engaged.The show runs the line between life and fantasy. The show blurs the lines seemlessly at times you believe you are in reality and then without warning they throw you a curveball and their are aliens or something totally not realistic.

Jay Baruchel plays the single loser who is trying to find love in a very screwed up world. They play up that he has a hard time with the ladies and show all the difficulties he goes through trying to find love. The show is refreshingly quirky and different. I went in knowing nothing about it and I am glad I gave it a try.