SXSW 2017


I have heard that this show was the one to go too. I had so many people going crazy over how incredibly important this show was to going to my networking life. I got the chance to come out to the show through a gaming company to work with the gaming side of things. I hadn’t heard much about the gaming part so I didn’t know what to expect.

I got in for the gaming side of the festival. Next year I plan to show up for all the festival so that I can see more of the music and the interactive panels. I found out there were comedy shows as well through out the weekend that I didn’t even know was going on. There is so much going on at the show that you never have a dull moment if you plan and figure out your day correctly. I did a bad job of planning and knowing what was going to be going on and missed a ton of things. Including The Chainsmokers who I am really want to see live.

The show for gaming was not really fleshed out. There was mostly indie games to check out which is nice a few sales booths and then a large area to play games. The biggest pulls were Nintendo with the Switch and a Hearthstone tournament that you could watch. The show had not much to do for three days. I enjoyed walking around and checking out all the indies games. You will even see reviews on some of them soon.