Wondercon 2017


I had a fabulous time at Wondercon this year. I really enjoyed getting to see all my friends and for the first time in a long while I dressed up for two of the days. I was so happy to get to spend it with my Batfamily. I felt very lucky that we all have somewhere to get together and hang out and be ourselves in a group.

They took away a lot of space for the people choosing to ghost and not buy a ticket to be able to get close to the convention center. That made is kinda less crowded on Friday. I didn’t dress up on friday so I could walk around and enjoy myself and not be in terrible heels. I went over to the DC Comics booth. I got Sam Humphries signature and we talked about Prince. It made my day. I love Prince and I am a fan of Green Lantern. I love talking to comic artists about their art. It always makes me smile. I love even more seeing people who love the artists getting overly fanboy over creators. It makes me smile to see that much passion.

On Saturday I wore Riddler’s Daughter which I hadn’t worn in 3 years. I was really excited to be in costume again. I know I have worn things like Kimmy Schmidt and Cheryl, but I hadn’t donned a character from comics in quite a while. I spent far too long in a relationship with someone who hated me being in costume and i stopped dressing up. I am quite happy to be finding myself again and wearing costumes and enjoying myself. I hung out with my Batfamily. It was so wonderful to be hanging out in costume with my friends. We ran around the con looking at everything.I even spent some time talking to an amazing pinup artist that made tea. I had such a fabulous day with everyone and in the evening we all met up and partied together creating memories and growing our friendships.

Then Sunday some of the group was too sick to come back to the con so I spent part of the morning alone checking things out which was fun. Then I found some of my other friends and hung out with them. Overall I really enjoyed the con this year. It was a better year then others have been but I loved the ability to hang out with everyone and feel like part of a group again.