13 Reasons Why on Netflix


I didn’t know they were even thinking of making this into a tv show. I really enjoyed the book because I could connect with the girl that the book was written about. It was a hard subject. Its a difficult subject to talk about and the book makes you feel and the show captures that feeling of hurt and pain. The unknowing ability when someone takes their life the hard question of Why?

I watched all 13 episodes in two days. I binged the entire series because I wanted to see how well it kept to the book. I was very pleased with the show. It was full of passion and heartbreak and pain. The way suicide affects each of us. How we all hurt in our own ways and how small moments can take so much from us.

If you get the chance to sit down and watch the show you should. It is an eye opener about how school can affect people. If you like to read pick up the book.