Yesterday I went to Monsterpalozza and I had a blast. I was only there for a few hours but in that time I fell in love with so much art, monsters and people. It’s definitely a different vibe from comic conventions and the people are lively and completely interested in the scary. I am a huge horror fan mostly loving the before 2010 and to the early early stuff. I love the 80’s-early 2000’s the most. The only thing that is hard for me is the clowns that show up at horror conventions because I am terrified of clowns.

This year I got there a little bit late on Saturday. If you hadn’t bought your ticket then you were out of luck. The line to get in the door was crazy because the show hit capacity. Lucky for me I had a vendor pass because one of the companies I work for was vending. I walked in the door and instantly saw a man in full monster makeup. It made me remember why I love going to monster cons immediately.

I saw some beautiful sculptures and amazing art of lots of different movie monsters and creatures. I can’t wait to go back next year.