Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale


The book has been out since 1985, it has been made into a movie, a play and a radio show and now a TV show. The setting is bleak and with our current political state a lot of people have picked up the book and can relate to the writing.

The show focuses on a society that has lost its fertility. This has caused the world to go crazy and forced fertile women into a sort of sex slave trade that relies on fear and abuse to create the ability to keep woman. The show is intense and its horrifying. There are scenes that make you cringe and feel sick. One of the scariest ideas is that this could happen. We could fall so far down the rabbit hole that we get here.

The show already has me feeling stressed watching it. There are scenes that make me feel like screaming. I really enjoy the fact that the show is causing so many people to talk and that important matters are coming to light. Could we end up in a world like this? Could we let things get this bad?

I look forward each week to what is going to happen next. You should be tuning in.