YALLWEST Fierce Reads Friday Event


i didn’t even know about this event until about two days before it was supposed to happen. Then I got an email and quickly made plans to go. I called one of my friends that reads a lot of YA like I do and asked her if she wanted to join me. She said yes and I was very pleased because I had missed her presence in my life.

The event was held at the Santa Monica Library which is a nice library. I got there just about 4pm.. There was already a huge line. The line was to get wristbands since there were two different signings and you got a wristband for each hour of the signing.When I got to the front I chose Danielle Paige and James Dashner. I love the Dorothy Must Die series and was so excited that I would get to meet her.

My friend and I ran to Barnes and Noble to grab a copy of one of Danielle Paige’s book because I had forgotten mine at home. Then we ran back over to the library to get in line for the signings. Danielle Paige was an absolute sweetheart. She was so friendly and sweet and I was excited to get to tell her how much i adored her. James Dashner was super great too. He signed a book for my niece and for myself and told me about the new graphic novel he will be working on soon.

I had a complete blast and will definitely be going back again next year.