Natural History Museum Los Angeles


So the boyfriend surprised me with a day trip to go see dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. If you know a little about me you know that I am a huge dinosaur fan. So I was overly excited to go since I hadnt been since I was a little kid. Many moons ago I used to wander the museum after midnight while my younger brother sat in on the entomology meetings that the museum hosted and since I had less of a desire for bugs and more of a desire for history they would turn on the lights to exhibits I wanted to look at and let me wander. I loved going and its a memory as a child I still hold dear. I got to quietly enjoy history alone. Nowadays the best I can do is in the middle of the night is listen to history podcasts or read books and websites about our amazing history.

So we got to the museum pretty early and walked through the doors and of course right away is the gift shop with too much junk I would wan. We walked around making stories for the animals in the displays. Giving background lives to the different creatures. It was a most spectacular day. We walked through all the gorgeous rocks and minerals and there were so many breathtaking stones to see.

I love going to museums and I look forward to getting a chance to hit more around the city. If you have never been to the Natural History Museum you should give it a go. See all the incredible displays.