American Gothic Tv Show


I had wanted to watch this when it came out but it wasn’t on any of the streaming apps that I had. Today I got CBS All Access because I wanted to watch the Tony Awards. I saw they had all the episodes for this show on the list of available to watch and I jumped on it to start the series. One of my favorite movies when I was younger was a horror movie called American Gothic and though both of these the film and the series have absolutely nothing to do with each other I still felt compelled to give the show a chance.

The show starts off interesting its a murder mystery that circles around an influential family and it escalates from there when they believe that there is a chance that someone in the family might be a notorious serial killer. The first half of the series is all about figuring out the clues to who it might be. I was really into the show for the first 5-6 episodes they were pretty interesting. The story was intriguing and kept me entertained. Though at this point the show could have ended. We could have found out who the killer was and stop there. It would have made the series overall better because the other half of the show is just long drawn out, and becomes almost unbearable. I had such a hard time staying interested.

Overall the first half good, second half bad. Would i recommend? Not really. If you want to watch a murder mystery show there are lots out there that aren’t just unbearable.