Wonder Woman Movie Review


After seeing the film for a second time my response and thoughts have not changed. I still sat in awe and felt choked up during quite a few scenes. Here I was watching a hero I had grown up with actually be done to the justice she deserved. Patty Jenkins gave little girls everywhere a hero to look up to that for the first time in comic movies was completely there for us. I am overly joyed.

The film was amazing. The scenes were visually beautiful on the island, London was dismal, the fighting was realistic and even though the film ran over two hours you still wanted more. The Amazonian’s shone as all women athletes giving the island a truly mythical feel. The costuming was designed for fighting, not to show off their assets. They fought hard and showed off skills. All I wanted to be during those moments was an Amazonian. I would not be surprised if the convention scene is full of them the next year.

The CGI was my least favorite part and the fight scene was over the top and dark but it still was captivating. You still wanted to see good prevail. I liked the way they did parts of the fight scene, it seemed to make it feel more realistic. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Wonder Woman while she fought because it was like most male superheroes fighting, there were no gratuitous shoots of her body and she fought hard and you could see it. This made me feel like for once in my life, this superhero was made for me.

I am so very glad that the film was good, not that it just did well. I am glad we got a film that in my opinion is the best out of the DCEU, but a film that stood on its own. It didn’t need to be propped up by Batman or Superman. It held its own and succeeded farther then anyone expected it too. I am looking forward to Wonder Woman 2 and what Patty will show us next.