Kitten’s Horror Movie Nights – Hellraiser


Art by malevolentnate

Tonight I decided to get my fill of the sweet of horror and after spending some time with Doug Bradley at Mad Monster a couple of weekends ago. I knew what movie to make my horror night film.

The 80’s brought us some of the greatest horror films with so many iconic characters. I am still stuck in the 80’s and 90’s with horror. I love all the stuff that came out of that era. I remember being a little kid in the 90’sand my dad allowing me to rent whatever I wanted so it was always horror movies. I was absolutely obsessed.

So the other night I sat down to watch Hellraiser. The boyfriend had never seen it so I was excited to share it with him. Im always excited to share stuff with people I love seeing people gain an appreciation for stuff the same way that I do. I love that the house is literally in every way a mess. Like who would actually move in there and yet they do. I wouldn’t move into a house with that much damage. Maybe fix it up but not live there while doing it. So that always makes me laugh. Then the scene with Frank showing up is just freaking creepy. It always makes me jump. It’s so scary even now 30 years later. I love the way they introduce all the monsters. I still want to cosplay the daughter and find someone who does Pinhead.

The story is a simple scary story because its how far would you go for love? How screwed up are people and what would you do to save yourself? The box takes you to hell and you are shown all your desires and pleasures and the greatest pain. The sets are creepy and in my opinion though the production value is obviously cheesy the film is still creepy by todays standards  and if it had the budgets and special effects we have today it would be a terrifying film.