Beyond the Gates Netflix Horror Nights


Last night I watched Beyond the Gates a cheesy horror film on Netflix. The reason I chose this film was because it was about a demonic board game. Now I love board games and thought I need this in my life. The film was made in 2016 but looks like something out of the 1980’s. The filming is very low budget and the effects worse but the film made me giggle. The movie is about two brothers who inherit their fathers VHS rental store and while cleaning and organizing find a VCR board game (which i am actually too young to remember playing any. I do look for them from time to time at thrift stores because I collect board games). The decide the board game holds a connection to their fathers disappearance and decide to play not knowing it is evil.
The effects are super cheesy and during death scenes I was giggling. I throughly enjoyed them though because they were interesting and had the film had a bigger budget it might have actually been a really good film. It even won the LAFF’s audience award. It’s a great cheesy fun horror film. I am glad I gave it a chance.
The film is retro in a good way and definitely feels like a film from the 80’s. I think it lives the border of bad b rated film and cheesy horror film. If you enjoy 80’s horror then you will probably enjoy this because it has a very nostalgic feel without feeling like they were trying to force you to enjoy it.
I am looking forward to what the director does next. It’s well done and the story is great. A wicked throw back to VHS board games in a way that makes you feel like its something you want to watch.